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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

Butch Webb, Author of God Is An Engineer


About the Author
Brian C. "Butch" Webb

Mr. Webb has been a member of a church since child hood.  However while becoming a petroleum engineer he quit the church because he was required to believe in the ridged writings of Genesis and the Biblical notion of creation.  Fortunately, a Lutheran preacher happened along and informed him that a strict belief in Genesis was not a requirement for salvation and therefore wanting spiritual guidance, he came back to the church.  As a pipeliner of 50 years, Mr. Webb has worked with good people and also with thieves, murderers and rapist.  He has worked around the world, including the capitals of Europe, the sands of the Sahara, the jungles of Borneo and the high plains of Bolivia.  Mr. Webb has seen man at his best and at his worst.  He has met many people wishing to find God, but were repulsed by the antiquated teachings of Christendom.  Mr. Webb believes these same good people are assets to our society and deserve salvation and such a loss to God is a tragedy.  The purpose of this book is to reach out to them and bring them back to salvation.

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