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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

God Is An Engineer by Brian C. "Butch" Webb




Click Here to listen to a discussion called "Science and the Bible" by Butch Webb, Pipeliner.

Presented at
Nichols Hill Oklahoma Methodist Church
November 7, 2021

Speech by Butch Webb, "Science and the Bible"



A big thank-you to my wife, Barbara, who can read chicken scratching; and God Bless Bill Sherman, who made something readable out of senseless babbling.


This book is directed to young people who have had little or no spiritual direction because their exposure to Christian teaching has been limited, and is particularly directed to young people who are curious about the sciences and will some day be the generation who will advance our culture to the stars.

Everything written here has been said at various times from the pulpit, radio or television by pastors trying to get the word out to the world and to spread the Gospel. This book simply compiles these thoughts in one place to make it easier for the curious youth to better understand that God is the greatest engineer who ever lived, and that Mankind is his crowning engineering achievement.

This is story of a Creator God, and the universe He delighted in making. It offers an alternate to the “Gospel according to television” that will some day leave young people hollow and without life.

It also has a warning to Christians who would turn youth away from Christ by a preaching a false doctrine, unsubstantiated by the Bible, that somehow faith and science are incompatible. It is a rebuttal to those who would claim that a person can only have Christ by believing today's versions of medieval myths like the earth is flat.

The Bible calls us gods; John 10:34, Psalm 82:6



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