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God Is An Engineer
Brian C. "Butch" Webb, Pipeliner

God Is An Engineer by Brian C. "Butch" Webb


First, let's define our terms, so we will be on the same page.

God has been referred to in many ways and with many names, but in this book he is called God.  God is the force, the power and the energy that created the Universe, man and the reason for man. In the Bible God is referred to in the singular male, but God can be an institution, a group, a female or anything. No one has seen God, currently no one knows what God looks like and His physical appearance has never been described. God can even be similar to the U.S. Congress. The Congress is a large group of people that make the law. They are individuals but they form a single group or body. They are referred to as "Congress” in the singular. In this book we refer to God in the singular male.

Jesus Christ, Son of God. God came to the earth and took on a body made of flesh and he was spiritually the perfect man. His purpose was to explain the law and the relationships between God and man and man and man.  Jesus Christ was killed by his own people and rose from the dead. He taught us how to cheat death and have everlasting life.

The Holy Spirit is the presence of God in man's heart. The force that drives man to do good and stimulates man's conscience.The Holy Spirit along with God and Jesus Christ make up the triune God or the one true God.

Man is defined as “a human being,” and includes all human beings that walk on the face of the earth, male and female. Man is the highest animal that God created. It is this physical man or animal God used to accept a soul or ego.  In this book man is referred to in the singular male.

The universe includes the billions of stars we can see and all of the mass, space and time that encompasses the universe. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  It is only rational that the universe as we know it today had to be created by an absolute powerful force and energy.  The universe is a glorious and wonderful creation with many mysteries for man to enjoy.

Earth, the planet inhabited by man and a part of the universe.  It is a beautiful place with many wonders and bountiful with many resources.  A place where man can explore and gain knowledge, and a place where man is to live and perpetuate his race. A place where he is a free spirit without restraints and is free to do good or evil. A place where man will be judged for his deeds and makes a choice between forever death or forever life.

Sin, a word that has little meaning today. In this book the word sin means doing evil deeds, but the word sin will only be seldom used. Instead this book will use the phrase “causing pain.” Sin is hurting of someone’s feelings or being.When a person causes pain to another person it also causes pain to God.

Bible, the word of God. Not a science book, not a history book, but a book that explains the relationship between God and man and man and man. The entire book from cover to cover can be reduced to three words “cause no pain” and these words can be reduced to one word “love.” The Bible teaches man how to achieve everlasting life.

Science is defined as knowledge. Information collected by the curious, and a study of God’s physical laws. Created when the universe was created, these physical laws are fixed and man cannot disobey these laws.

Scientists are people who are curious about their surroundings and they study God’s physical creation. Scientists are people who gain knowledge and use this knowledge to improve man's well-being such as in engineering and medicine.

Time is the forward movement of one of God’s dimensions.  Something that cannot be grasped, collected, created or viewed. A dimension that man is a slave to and cannot control. Man knows that the physical body at the end of its time faces death.

Matter is a combination of forces that create the entire universe including the sun, earth and man.

Conscience is the wild card that brought order to man’s animal instincts.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, conscience gives man a sense of good and evil and a need for spiritual guidance.  Without conscience man is like the animals and there can be no salvation.

Adam and Eve were the first true human beings. They were the first to have a conscience, to have guilt, and to judge good from evil.  They were able to have shame, to place blame, to know that to do bad deeds you will suffer. They were the first to know the anguish of raising children and the horror of seeing their own son murder his brother. They had greed, jealousy, envy, insecurity, fear and all the other things that cause a person to strike out and cause pain.

Ego is the spirit, soul, personality and anything else that makes up a human being.The thing that attracts or repulses you to a person. That which can chose to go on forever.

Christianity includes five beliefs, take away any one of the five and the church no longer teaches the Bible. These five are the Belief in the Trinity, the deity of Christ, the resurrection of Christ, the atonement of Christ on the cross and man's salvation by grace through faith.





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